This Is Us

Major Spoilers ahead on the show “This is Us”. If you have any interest in watching this show, turn back now!

If you haven’t seen it… The show itself will make you chuckle, but it’s serious drama. Yet it’s not drama for the sake of drama. It touches on issues that many of us face. It brings light to the everyday, mundane moments that families go through and shows us that it’s sometimes the little moments we remember best. It centers on family, and it’s about people who may seem fine, but nobody’s really got it all together. The way they come together as a family and can be their best selves (or forgive each other when they aren’t being their best selves)….this is how we are supposed to relate to each other in real life. No matter how long you go in between seeing your family, you can pick up right where you left off. This show will make you feel things.

Ok, spoilers.



I remember watching the first episode of “This Is Us” when it aired in September of 2016. It revolved around 4 characters all turning the same age.

I watched three of the characters all celebrate their 36th birthdays. Each character was so different. A black man named Randall who seemed to have it all together, a white actor named Kevin who didn’t, and a morbidly obese woman named Kate who was depressed but wanted to make changes in her life. There was also a character named Jack Pearson who was turning 36 the same day his wife Rebecca was expected to go into labor with triplets.

Randall decides that now was the time to confront his birth father, who had abandoned him at a fire station. Kevin quits his show “the Manny” in the middle of filming. And Kate befriends a man named Toby at a support group for overweight people. Rebecca struggles through her labor.

Sadly, one of the babies doesn’t make it, Kyle. Jack is distraught and seeks the guidance of the doctor. Jack finds out there is a baby that was just abandoned and was there at the hospital. In fact this little black baby was lying next to his son and daughter. Jack and Rebecca decide to adopt this boy.

And it was then, when another character stood next to Jack and lit a cigarette in the neonatal unit of a hospital, that I finally figured out that this story line of Jack and Rebecca didn’t take place in the present day. This was 1980.

This was baby Kevin, Kate and Randall – later known as “the big three”.

I was so surprised at this turn of events and so touched by the story itself, that I was hooked.

I love this show, and I’ve never missed an episode.

What is it about “This Is Us” that keeps me tuning in every week? To be honest I don’t even know what caused me to turn it on in the first place. I’m a Netflix girl, I don’t watch NBC. I don’t know how I even saw the commercial for the pilot. There was a wholesomeness that I sensed from the commercial that had me curious. Some vibe that interested me.

I think the best way to understand why I love this show is to go through the main characters and their story and traits.



“I love you as much as a human heart can love”


Jack’s children and wife think of him as a superhero. He’s hard working, wise, and loves his family fiercely. He’s a hopeless romantic toward his wife and a fun loving father with his kids. Not to mention he’s quite handsome and charming.

But that’s not why I like him.

If this was all there was to this character, he would be boring. He would be too perfect.

Jack is also very damaged. He has PTSD from his time in Vietnam, a war that he never talks about. He even has a brother he has fallen out of touch with on purpose. He’s so loyal to his loved ones that one wonders how he could quit on his brother. But he does. His kids don’t even know they have an uncle until later in the series.

He has a drinking problem. He almost loses his marriage over this.

There are also little things. Doing the wrong thing or saying the wrong thing. Like how he told his black son “I don’t see color when I see you”.

Jack doesn’t always make wise choices. The biggest mistake was when the house caught on fire and instead of getting himself out of the house while his family looked on, he stopped to make sure he grabbed sentimental items like his wife’s necklace. He saves his daughter’s dog too.

This is what kills him, the smoke inhalation he suffers from his time in the house (on top of a medical condition he has always had with his heart). Let me tell you, when I watched the episode where they finally tell us how Jack dies, I cried. Oh Jack you big dummy, why didn’t you save yourself?

So there it is. Jack is flawed, with a tragic story. But he’s still likable, and I’m genuinely sad that he had to die. His story definitely holds my interest. Not to mention…I never leave my crock pot plugged in when I’m not using it now.



“When you’re a mom, you get a front row seat to the best show in town; watching your kids grow up.”

Rebecca is another character that at first glance is perfect, but as I got to know this character I actually related to her more than any other.

She’s beautiful, she sings well, she maintains a gorgeous figure after having triplets. But that’s not how I relate to her, no. She’s a mom of three who struggles in all the ways a mother will struggle.

I’m a mom of three. I understand what it’s like to feel like I’m juggling everything. Not just the house, but each child has his own problems. Each child is talented in their own way and as a mom, you want to nurture that. In my case, since my kids are different ages, I’m trying to make sure I’m being fair to each child in regards to their maturity level; I can’t treat them all the same or discipline them all the same.

Her biggest challenge might be how she parents Kate. Kate struggles with her weight from a young age and must live with a mom who wears a size 4. Rebecca and Kate butt heads starting in the teenage years onward. Sometimes Rebecca tries too hard, or she misses the mark, but she still tries to be the best mom she can for Kate.

Rebecca’s story becomes even more riveting when, I hate to say it, she becomes a widow. She’s living in a dark time of her life and trying to survive it, all the while trying to look out for her teenage kids and their problems. And they have many. Rebecca has to put aside her feelings.

As Rebecca ages into an older woman, and a grandmother, we see that she made a giant mistake with her son Randall. He finds out when he’s 36 that she knew Randall’s birth father (from the time Randall was small). She never told him, or anyone. Again, she thought she was doing the right thing but it was a very poor choice. She’s far from perfect.

Rebecca is now in the early stages of something like dementia or Alzheimer’s. It’s tragic but she’s continuing to be brave and be a good mother and grandmother under the circumstances. The kids always come first.

So, she’s another character that I like, not for the way she does so many things well, but for the way she makes mistakes while trying her best. And because we’re both moms of three.



“when big things end, it’s hard not to imagine how they started.”

I’ll be honest, Kevin’s storyline is my least favorite, but even so, it’s a train wreck that can be interesting to watch.

He’s kind of shallow, makes poor choices without thinking anything through, and he’s self-centered. But…. he’s loyal to his family, and he’s actually very kind.

In recent episodes, he has located his long-lost uncle Nicky. Not only that but he’s in the process of getting Nicky back on his feet.

Everything Kevin does is a grand gesture. He married his wife just out of high school in New York City, and they eloped. (later divorced).

He quits his job on a successful sitcom “The Manny” by making a big speech in the middle of filming and storms off the stage.

He buys an RV to move next to his Uncle Nicky’s RV to keep a close eye on him. He’s a character witness in Nicky’s trial.

Kevin is not my favorite character but I appreciate what he brings to the show. In fact, it’s from Kevin we get the title of the show. At one point early on he completes a painting and talks about how the painting represented all of them as a family. “This is us”, he says.



“Everyone sees their childhood with different lenses”

Randall is the perfectionist of the Big Three. Everything he does, he puts in 110% of the effort needed. On the surface he’s a successful, well off, City councilman of Philadelphia. He has a charming and beauteous wife who owns a dance studio, and three daughters.

Out of the three growing up, he tried the hardest. He went to a private school while his siblings remained in public school. He went straight to college, where he met Beth, his future wife.

But while he grew up, he always felt the odd one out, being the only black member of his family. He kept a tally of black people he knew. He tried and failed to find out who his birth father was, after hearing stories of being dropped off at a fire house. Once he was grown, he finally found his father, but found out shortly after this that his father was dying of cancer.

His daughters on the surface seem to be growing up without many problems, but his oldest daughter Deja is actually a girl the family fostered and then adopted. It took years for her to get over some of the trauma she had been through. Later Deja falls for a teenage guy who happens to have a baby daughter.

His oldest birth daughter comes out as gay to her parents, further complicating parenthood for Randall and Beth.

So far, the youngest daughter is drama free, but we’ll see.

Randall himself has issues that people wouldn’t see on the surface. He has a pretty severe anxiety disorder. He has worked himself into going temporarily blind, and has had many panic attacks. One was so severe it was more like a meltdown, where he fell to the ground and cried helplessly.

Randall Pearson and his family could have their own show, if I’m honest. I really enjoy watching this family grow and maybe they will have a spin-off some day.



“It’s been my story ever since I was a little girl.”

The Pearson family is very fit. Jack, Rebecca, Kevin and Randall….they all look like they only drink green smoothies and live at the gym.

Then there’s Kate. She’s very pretty and has a lovely singing voice, and she’s funny and interesting….but it’s overshadowed by her weight. From the way she’s treated growing up, to embarrassing moments as an adult (for example, not being able to sit in a booth at a restaurant) her weight is her biggest struggle.

What must it be like to be part of the Pearson family full of conventionally beautiful and slim people? Fortunately, the family treats her quite well. She gets nothing but support from them. Her mom might be a bit overbearing, but all in all, Kate is loved.

She struggled with her weight starting very young. As a teenager however, she was on her way to being in shape. But once her dad died, her favorite person in the world…she went back to over-eating. She spiraled into depression and her weight became out of her control.

When we first meet her, she’s weighing herself. She meets her husband at an overeaters anonymous meeting. After she gets married and becomes pregnant, she miscarries and blames it on her weight. She goes through IVF and becomes pregnant again, only to find out her son is blind. She wonders if it’s her fault. Her husband loses weight and she compares herself to him. Her weight overshadows everything.

I’ve heard many people say that they find her character annoying, because she’s self-centered. She might be, but I understand the reasons why. She is constantly struggling to be something – not just a thin person, but a whole person. There are things we don’t even know about her past. We are led to believe she has a darker history than her family members. She’s really come a long way. For this reason I think her story is quite captivating.


So, I’ve only touched on five characters. There are many more, and we aren’t even done with season 4 yet. If you are a fan of the show, talk to me about it in the comments! Who’s your favorite character? Least favorite? Does this show make you cry?



Weird Things I Want to Find


I’m a proud member of a group. This group is a Million Strong. It’s also on Facebook. It is called “Weird Second Hand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared”. This group is everything that’s right with Facebook.

It’s a group that’s doing so well, they even got to star in a few podcast episodes of “Humans Dealing with Humans”.

I don’t know how many people submit pictures each day, but a few times I was lucky enough to have my secondhand finds posted. Once was a Deer Butt Toilet Paper Holder. I was very proud. Then a devil woman statue. Later a creepy tomato tea pot with a face.

My mom and my aunt and a few friends are also in the group, and we have a lot of fun scrolling through people’s finds that day. We also love to go thrifting and antiquing and can appreciate people’s treasures.

There are certain items that people seem to find a lot, and because of this, they are items that people look for specifically. In this post, I am going to talk about the top  items I would love to find, starting with….

  • A House Hippo. A house hippo is, preferably, any kind of ceramic hippo statuette. But it can also be a painting of a hippo, or a stuffed hippo. But it is my mission to find one someday, secondhand. (SIDENOTE: I wrote this blog post a month before actually finding my own HOUSE HIPPO!! It’s a small heavy metal one that I found in a packed antique store. It was on a dark shelf behind some other figurines. So I can check this one off.)

  • A Vomit Clock. It’s a clock that is made by suspending rocks or glass into resin…and the effect is that of vomit. So many people found “Vomit Clocks” on our facebook group that “Vomit Clock” is now in the Urban Dictionary.

  • A Vomit object. It doesn’t have to be a clock. There are vomit animals and furniture and other objects. What they all have in common is that they look like jello with bits of fruit in it.

  • Anything having to do with Elvis. A velvet Elvis portrait would be awesome, or an Elvis Lamp.

  • Taxidermy! It would be awesome to find a little squirrel or a mouse. Once someone found a lioness at a second hand store!

  • Fabulous Furniture. I’m talking bright pink sofas, psychedelic chairs, and anything midcentury….but also furniture from the Victorian era. I love finding a tiny little sofa for the parlor and sitting in it for a moment in time. It’s always very uncomfortable.

  • Scary Clown Art. Have you ever seen the show “The Good Place”? I want to find some very unsettling clowns.

  • Glass eyes. I wouldn’t touch them but I’d marvel at a bowl of eyes.

  • A life-size cardboard cutout of a famous person. I don’t care if it’s Spock or Danny Devito, I would love to find one!

  • Haunted Doll. The older the better, and it would be great if it had a missing eye and a cracked head.

  • It would be fascinating to find a locket with a lock of hair.

  • Enormous Objects. Something 6 feet tall, like a green alien or a cat. (those are actual objects people have found at secondhand stores)



Now, keep in mind….I wouldn’t take any of this stuff home with me. Except I would keep the house hippo. The point is hunting for this stuff, and if you can share what you found with a million other people that appreciate weird things…well, that’s just good wholesome fun.


Is there anything weird missing from this list? Have you ever found something particularly weird at a second hand store? Let me know! And if you’re on Facebook, join us!

Low Maintenance Therapy for Depression

I re-read Hyperbole and a Half recently. In this book, Allie Brosh shares her journey with depression. She goes through different stages. First, she’s sad and miserable…then she feels nothing…next, while on medication she feels anger…and then joy.

She feels this joy after being tickled to see a shriveled-up piece of corn under her fridge. It can’t be explained.

But after this moment, she feels that maybe not everything is hopeless BS after all!

Illustration by Allie Brosh

It got me thinking about what brings a person out of depression. WebMD lists 10 natural Depression Treatments.

  1. Get in a routine
  2. Set goals
  3. Exercise
  4. Eat healthfully
  5. Get enough sleep
  6. Take on responsibilities
  7. Challenge negative thoughts
  8. Check with your doctor before using supplements
  9. Do something new
  • Try to have fun

These, along with talking to a therapist and taking medication, can help you with your depression.

But the problem is just starting.

Heck, even getting out of bed to take a shower is difficult when you are deep in depression. Telling a person with depression this bad that they need to exercise and volunteer and try to have fun is like dangling all this stuff in front of them, things they can’t do. (Allie illustrates this).

Maybe this list is great and all, but I think we need a list that comes before this list. I believe there are things that one can do to help themselves get to the point of getting up and facing the day.

Sidenote: This is not a list for someone who is suicidal. These are opinions that I have for bringing people out of depression, but if a person is at the point of suicide, I hope they call this number:

1-800-273-8255. They also have an online chat service.

So. “Low maintenance therapy” for depression.

  • First, re-read a book that brings you comfort. Hopefully everyone has a few of them on their shelves. It might even be a new book that comforts you. What counts is that it distracts you.
  • Re-watch an old show that you love. It could be anything. What counts is that it’s familiar and it gives you good feelings when you watch it.
  • Eat something. It doesn’t have to be healthy or unhealthy, but what counts is that it’s comfort food. If you don’t have any groceries and you can’t face the idea of getting up and going to the store, fortunately many grocery stores have delivery services now.
  • Drink some water, or tea or coffee. Water is best to try to stay hydrated. But tea and coffee (don’t forget, hot chocolate) can be very comforting. And that’s what counts.
  • Listen to music. I don’t know if sad music or happy music is best, but sometimes we do need to feel our sadness and cry when we are depressed, and that’s when sad music will help. Sometimes you need to listen to upbeat music. What counts is that it makes you feel something.
  • Get on Social Media or your phone and talk to your friends. They say not to get on Social Media for your mental health but I believe that if you can get on Facebook messenger for instance, and that’s the easiest way for you to reach out to your friend, than you should do that. If you don’t feel comfortable talking on the phone, message or text a friend. Tell them your feelings. Hopefully they will understand and sit with you in those feelings. But having said all that, don’t get on social media if it invokes negative feelings and causes you to compare yourself to others. In that case avoid it and try to talk to your friends without scrolling through Facebook. What counts is that you feel less alone.
  • Be kind to yourself. No matter how you’re feeling, please be kind to yourself. If you are depressed, it’s not your fault. You deserve kind words. You can literally talk to yourself outloud in a soothing voice, and coach yourself to get out of bed or take a shower. What counts is that you are feeling cared for even when you’re alone.


I hope if you are reading this, you aren’t suffering from depression. But if you are, I sincerely hope my words can help you in some way. Take it step by step, from getting out of bed all the way to being high functional again. Please take care of yourself.



Top Ten Ways I want to be a Better Person in 2020

Ok, last week of December and it’s the last week I’m doing a Top Ten list. This week I want to discuss…..

Top 10 ways I want to be a better person in 2020


I think most of us make New Year’s Resolutions every year, and by February we fail and give up. I don’t believe I will fail at this kind of list. Or anyone for that matter. We should always be working on improving ourselves, but if we have a bad day, I don’t think of that as failing. It just means we can try again. We can always keep trying again.

  1. Read more often.

Since I began my Bullet Journal, I have been keeping track of how often I read. It’s not every day. I want to change that and see if I can try to read each day. I won’t beat myself up if I skip a day here and there, but reading is good for me so I will try.

  1. Write more often.

There’s something so therapeutic about typing away on my laptop, while blogging or just writing something for myself. I should do it as often as I can.

  1. Sketch more often.

Back in October, I participated in something called “Inktober”. I decided to make each drawing in October something cute and Halloween themed. It was quite fun, and in November I began a very different Botanical drawing prompt challenge. I might not sketch each day, but feeling like I had a deadline really encouraged me to draw. And the more you practice the better you become. I’m hoping that I really improve in 2020.

  1. Overcome my fears little by little.

I have an anxiety disorder and that includes going places and socializing. It isn’t simple for me to just say “I’m going to go join this or that!” It takes a lot of courage. In 2019 I made myself join a Bible study. Maybe in 2020 I can make myself join even more.

  1. Spend more one on one time with each child.

As a mom of three, I feel like I spend a lot of time parenting. I mean, I do. But that doesn’t mean I’m spending quality time with each child. I definitely want to be more intentional about that. Each child deserves special time with mom (and dad).

  1. Do volunteer work.   There’s a food bank where I tried to go volunteer recently, but we arrived right in the middle of things and it was chaotic. I’m hoping to take the kids before people arrive for food, and we can try to volunteer (they told me they are happy to have kids volunteer).


7. Work on improving myself by being less envious.

I have issues with envy. I look at what others have attained and I look at how successful they are…and well, you get the idea. I need to stop being so envious. This goes along with….

  1. Stop comparing myself to others so much.

“She has a career and I don’t…She is getting attention for her work and I’m not…She seems like a better mom than me…she’s in much better shape than I am..” etc and so forth. I need to stop comparing myself to others. It would be a kindness to myself to stop.

  1. Pray more often.

I pray with my kids each night, but I must admit I don’t pray very often. Since starting my bullet journal with a page of prayer requests, I have noticed a change in how often I’m reminded to pray. Hopefully this is the start of a new habit.

10. Give myself grace.

Even if I “fail” at doing everything on this list, I still need to be kind to myself and give myself grace. Even if I fall short, I still deserve grace, because God has given me grace.


Some people have a word for the new year. I’ve been thinking about it and my word for 2020 is Fun.

I need to loosen up and have more fun with life. I’m a pretty serious person sometimes and need to take it easy. I hope this new year is fun.

Top Ten Non-Disney Animated Films

It is now week 4 of my Top Ten Blogging Challenge and this week we are going to talk about my….

Top Ten Non-Disney Animated Films

Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney animated films quite a lot….but it’s important to know there are other brilliant animated films out there!

  1. Cats Don’t Dance. I have wonderful memories of watching this movie with my friends, and yet this movie bombed at the box-office. This movie has everything, beautiful and fun animation, great music and a very unique story. I love the old time Hollywood feel and the characters.

2. The Iron Giant. The animation on this movie is suburb, and the story and characters are perfect. It takes place in the 1950s and it’s about a boy and his giant robot friend. This movie is hilarious but will also make you cry.

3. The Road to El Dorado. I could watch this movie over and over again, and I have. I can hear the music of Elton John in my head now.

4. My Neighbor Totoro. I could do an entire blog post on just Miyazaki films. My Neighbor Totoro is such a sweet film, and who doesn’t love Totoro when you see him? This movie brings a tear to my eye and makes me feel warm inside.

5. The Prince of Egypt. This movie is so gorgeous and the music is breathtaking. I love everything about the way they treated this Biblical story of Moses. It even has Jeff Goldblum as Aaron!

6. All Dogs Go To Heaven. I watched this one a lot as a kid. A movie made from the peak of Don Bluth’s career, I believe. There’s something terrifying about this story, granted… but for a kid, it was groundbreaking cinema and the stakes were high for Charlie the dog. Will he go to Heaven or Hell?

7. From Up on Poppy Hill. What a beautiful and wholesome film, with a compelling story, taking place in 1960s Japan. This is a movie I show to people when I want to introduce them to Miyazaki.

8. The Secret of NIMH. This movie put Don Bluth’s name on the map. It’s dark and has so much atmosphere, no wonder it has captivated audiences for decades.

9. Fern Gully. This one might be on my list for nostalgic reasons, I’ll admit. But I think it deserves a place on the list, if for no other reason, because this movie has one of the best villains ever put on screen: Hexxus, voiced by Tim Curry, an evil spirit that feeds of pollution.

10. Whisper of the Heart. I knew I wanted to add one more Miyazaki film to the list, and out of all the ones I could have chosen, I chose Whisper of the Heart. It has great characters and atmosphere and a unique story. I could watch it over and over again. (Country roads take me home.)

What are your favorite non-Disney animated films? What did I miss?

Top Ten YouTube Channels

Third week of December and it’s time for a new list. This time I want to talk about…

My Top Ten favorite YouTube Channels

  1. Grav3yardgirl/Banana Peppers. I’ve talked about Bunny Meyer on my blog before. She’s my favorite youtuber, and I can’t tell you exactly why. All I know is I feel like she and I could be friends. She has the usual Youtube content, vlogs and unboxings and hauls, but she does it with so much personality I feel like it’s a visit with a friend.

2. Shane. Shane Dawson has been putting out such great content lately. He’s been in the business a long time but has been really stepping it up the last couple years. Each video gets 20 million+ views. They’re mini documentaries with great production value. He recently made a whole series on starting a new makeup line, which was not only fascinating but heartwarming. I’m not even into buying makeup but I teared up.

3. Molly Burke. Molly is a motivational speaker and has a very successful youtube channel….all while being completely blind. She’s a wonderful advocate for the blind and disabled community. She also just seems so down to earth and a lot of fun to be around.

4. Defunctland. They are 30 minute documentaries on defunct tv shows and theme parks and rides. This channel also has great production value. He did a really cool series on Jim Henson recently, go check it out.

5. Ask a Mortician. Caitlin Doughty is a 30 something goth mortician with a fun sense of humor. She will answer all your questions about death and the funeral business. She is also an author with three books to her name and has a podcast called “Death in the Afternoon”.

6. Morgan Adams/Ryland Adams. Even though they have separate channels, these siblings both put out really fun content, and they appear in each other’s videos all the time. (BTW Ryland is Shane Dawson’s fiancé). Their videos are usually light and the perfect length for a cup of coffee. I think what I like most is their personalities. It’s also refreshing to see a brother and a sister being best friends.

7. Garret Watts. He doesn’t upload very often but when he does he’s got the most delightful and funny videos. (He’s great friends with Shane and Ryland and Morgan) Go subscribe!

8. Mytoecold. Drew Monson has been a youtuber since he was a little kid. (he’s also in the Shane and Friends club). I didn’t start watching until recently, but he’s got such a unique way of discussing interesting subjects, I always click super fast when I see he’s uploaded (which is rare…upload more, Drew!).

9. Brad Mondo. I don’t know how I found him, but I love watching his videos. He’s a hairdresser that reacts to videos of people doing their own hair on youtube, and it’s the most amusing thing. Brad has this bubbly personality and takes the time to call his subscribers “beautiful” at the beginning of every video.

10. Kat Sketch. Kat is friends with Bunny Meyer which is how I found her channel. She is a laid back gal with an unassuming personality, but she’s an artist with makeup. She can use makeup to look like anyone or anything. It’s amazing.


What’s your favorite Youtube channel or Youtube personality?

Top Ten Foods I have never tried but would like to Try

It’s the second week of December and it’s time for a new top ten list!

This week we are going to talk about…

The Top 10 Foods I have Never Tried But Would Like to Try

  1. A Lobster Roll. I’ve had lobster, and it’s pretty good with butter (I prefer crab to be honest), but I bet a lobster roll would be so good! It looks delicious to me but I’ve never come across one.

2. A beignet. I’m sure they taste like a powdered donut but still, I’d love to try one someday.

3. Anything with truffles or truffle oil.

4. Poutine. I must admit it doesn’t look appetizing, but I feel like I want to try it at least once.

5. Chicken and Waffles. I’ve had fried chicken. I’ve had waffles. But together? I should probably try that once…

6. Rabbit Stew. Something that I’ve thought about since I was little watching Bugs Bunny sit in a cauldron.

7. Fried olives. I’ve tried fried pickles, so I imagine fried olives are not bad.

8. A Full English Breakfast. I would probably need help devouring it. Also, what on earth does black pudding taste like?

9. Kimchi. I’m a little curious because I like sauerkraut, and I tolerate kombucha…so I’ve always wondered what it would be like.


I left the last one blank because I honestly can’t come up with a tenth food. I’m not a particularly adventurous eater as you can see. I didn’t name anything like grasshoppers or durian fruit. But what should go in the 10th spot? What would you like to try?

SIDE NOTE: I wrote this post a few weeks ago, but just last night I tried a beignet for the first time. It was ok. I don’t think it’s as good as a powdered donut. It’s not bad though. oddly enough it was paired with hot chicken (spicy chicken) in a Nashville restaurant.